Malawian Orphans Sponsorship Education Scheme (MOSES) is our sister charity, registration number 1113826. The purpose of MOSES is to support Orphans through four years of Secondary Education. Although Primary Education in Malawi is free Secondary Education is not. As a charity we provide the student with school fees, exam fees, school uniform and shoes, solar lamp to provide light in the evening, school equipment, books, maize support in times of hunger and sanitary provision for girls. MOSES is directed by Peatry Ntodwa and Daphney Phiri who is the full time MOSES student support officer.

When we have consulted with teachers and asked them what they think of MOSES they tell us that our approach is more effective than other organisations because we visit the students in their homes. By understanding the challenges of the home situations MOSES is able to tackle a whole range of factors that may prevent students from attending school or focussing on their education.

At the time of writing we have 42 sponsors supporting over 70 students. If you are interested in becoming a MOSES sponsor please contact us through the contact page. Sponsorship can be at any level. Unlike many other child sponsorship schemes we do not have an exchange of letters/photos between sponsor and student and neither do we allocate a specific student to a specific sponsor. This is costly to administrate and we focus all our funds on supporting the students and their needs. Sponsors are however kept up to date regularly through newsletters.

Would you consider becoming a MOSES sponsor?

We need sponsors who can commit to giving monthly and at a level that is sustainable for you. The amount is up to you. Our current sponsors give between £7-50/month to £60/month. It costs us around £22/month to support one of our students. You can use the link below or use the contact form and we will send you the details to set up a standing order. Sponsors receive around six newsletters per year and we also provide visit opportunities to Malawi.