MPS has 23 employees in Malawi

We have 23 employees in Malawi, all Malawian. Seven of them are stove builders and we asked Nina to interview Michael and tell us what he thought about being an employee, here is Nina’s report:


Michael Mmenyanga born in 1968 hails from Makanjira village T/A Chikowi Zomba. He is one of the stove builders of Mbedza project. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Michael is married and has 6 children (3 girls and 3 boys).

Michael appreciates his work with Mbedza Projects Support because it has improved his life. With his earnings from stove building Michael has managed to: 

• Buy chickens and pigs creating further income from selling the meat and eggs. This money helps him to pay school fees for his children. Michael can also manage to pay hospital bills when his children are ill and it also helps him to support his old mother Margret Mmenyanga who is 72 years old.

• Michael is overwhelmed with the pigs because the piglets are bought at MK20,000 each and can be sold between MK50,000 and MK70,0000.

• His earnings have also helped him with farm activities like paying workers to do piece work such as ploughing his fields, buying fertilizers and pesticides to treat his maize.

• He has also managed to build a standard house.

Michael also explained how good it is to work with Mbedza Projects. He highlighted a few good things during our interview:

• The workers don’t quarrel with each other

• He gets advance payment

• The working conditions are flexible as they work at their normal pace without being pressurised a lot since too much pressure produces undesirable outcomes.

Michael and his family are also one of the beneficiaries of the Esperanza stoves so he is so grateful since he got it for free and it has helped his family save fuel. For example the firewood which could be used for one day only is now being used for almost 3 days. He continued saying that the stove retains a lot of heat and as such, after using it in the evening they put a pot of water on it and they use this in the morning for washing in the morning.


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julian watson