Life improves with new stove

We would like to introduce you to Mrs Zione Phiri, a stove beneficiary from Nkanda 2 village. She is 37 years old and Zione has 4 children - Boys aged 16, 13 and 11 plus a girl aged 3.

Zione used to cook using Mafuwa and, according to her, it wasn’t a good way of cooking. It always brought about health challenges and it was very difficult to prevent fire accidents especially for her children.

According to Zione, the stove has many benefits and it has improved herhousehold. She has done away with the mafuwa way of cooking – the stove has become her normal way of cooking as she uses it all the time! The following are some of the benefits she outlined;

- "The stove fans itself thus we have been saved from regular headaches that came as a result of fanning the fire by blowing with your mouth.

- You can perfom other chores as you prepare meals on the stove since it does not need regular supervision. You just need to push the firewood into the stove at irregular intervals.

- Smoke from Mafuwa used to make me cough regularly, with the stove that is a thing of the past.

- There’s little soot on the pots after cooking (the pots are almost clean after cooking) that even my boys are able to clean them without any struggles.

- Saves firewood. A bundle of firewood that costs MK2,500 lasts 4 days on mafuwa but the same amount of wood lasts 12 days on the stove. So Zione saves about MK12,500 per month by using the stove.

- My kids are able to use the stove freely without fear of accidents.

- Food cooks fast because the flame hits directly on the base of the pot. In the morning my children go to school on time. I am saving on time and I use this time to perform other household chores besides having time to participate in developmental activities.

- Uses very small pieces of wood (leftovers from chopped wood) – I can just slot them through the opening of the stove on top and cook my food. I can even use bamboo and maize stalks on the stove.

- Cooking on the stove is such a delight - I can comfortably sit on a stool and do my cooking."

julian watson