"Thank you for uplifting my life"

This is Mrs Lundu, She is 38 and comes from Mategula village T/A Mlumbe Zomba.Mrs Lundu is one of the stove beneficiaries and welcomed the stove project because she benefitted a lot from it. She says:

“This stove is good because it saves fuel. Before I received it I used to go to Zomba mountain to fetch firewood 4 times each month, there was no time for me to be home and chat with my family neither to see my relatives on Saturdays. But now, going to the mountain every week is history, I now go twice a month and to me it’s a relief! The same amount of firewood that I was using just for a meal before is now used for three to four meals. In addition to that even if there is not firewood on the stove I still manage to take a hot bucket bath because the stove keeps heat that makes the water warm. This stove is good because my pots are not as dirty as they used to be when I was using the traditional way of cooking (mafuwa).”

With the time saved Mrs Lundu has started Irrigation farming. She has vegetables and maize that she intends to sell when they are ready. 

julian watson