“I have time to do my homework"

Tinenenji Saidi is 14 years old and the eldest of 4 siblings. Tinenenji used to go to the mountain with her mother every Saturday and sometimes even on Sundays to collect firewood. She said:

 “I welcome the Stove project with all my heart, because life is simple for me now, I have time to do my homework, and read on Saturdays unlike the days when we cooked using mafuwa. This Esperanza stove has a lot of advantages, first my mother’s pots are not as dirty as they were, it was taking me a lot of time to clean the pots and sometimes I was even missing the first lessons at school because my mother wouldn’t allow me to go to school without cleaning the pots and plates. But now I wake up around 6 and clean the dishes and go to school in good time, not only that but I also have time to rest. Instead of going to the mountain four times a month we only go twice and sometimes even once (it depends on the bundle that we have manage to carry that day). The stove is also good because nowadays when I am cooking I have my siblings around me, and we have time together to make some riddles and chat, this is all because this stove does not produce a lot of smoke and now makes our kitchen a place to be. “

julian watson