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Beautiful handcrafted bags from Malawi

The Mbedza Community Crafts Project began in 2008 as an attempt to provide a source of income for women in and around Mbulukuta village. The ladies produce a bag using local chitenje materials. More recently, we have added other items which include aprons, place mats and a sanitary product for girls. This project also provides work for a craftsmen who makes the carved animals that adorn the bags to provide women in the area around Mbulukuta village. The ladies use this income to pay for school fees for their sons and daughters, medicine, food and other essentials. Ruth (pictued below with a sewing machine on her head) saved her earnings to buy an Esperanza stove. Seeing this gave us the idea for the stove project.

Bag and Sanitary Project


  • Become one of our ambassadors and sell these bags to friends, family and neighbours. Perhaps your workplace could provide you with the opportunity to display these? Please contact us using the contact form if you would like to help and we can supply you with bags and other materials.

Sanitary Project: 

The reality in Malawi is that very few girls can afford any form of sanitary provision. This means that each month they miss several days from school and over a year up to 40/50 days can be lost. We ensure that all the female students enrolled with MOSES have a sanitary provision and this has helped improve significantly attendance at school. In 2019 we started a sanitary project at Songani supporting local girls.